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Black paw My daughter is wearing the big ones on her feet and the little ones on her hands, and she’s crawling around growling at everybody.  Such fun!
Jen, PA

Black paw We were toy shopping at our local small toy store(over the rainbow toys)yesterday. As my son was browsing we came upon these fuzzy soft paw shaped mittens and had to have a pair ! My 8 year old son spent all afternoon and evening wearing the black paws and pretending he was a mighty wolf! This morning I had to make a run back to the same store to pick up a bright pink pair for my 10 year old daughter who had to have  "paws" too. 

Lol, these may be slightly more expensive than most mittens but my kids love the warmth , play value, and versatility .

Thanks, Angel in Alaska

Black paw The jacket and hat are a huge hit! Kara loves them. For the first few days Kara wore it every day, even to bed. She also said that kids are not allowed to take stuffed animals to school but there is nothing the teacher can do about the one sewn into her jacket.....
Larry and Bonnie, Phila, PA 

Black paw Hello, I’m sorry that I never took the time last year to let you know how much we love BearHands Mittens. Our son has cerebral palsy and gloves are just not an option for him. BearHands are an answer to our prayers and struggles. His hands slide right in and are cozy and warm.
Standard mittens always slid off or cramped his fingers because they were always too small. People comment on his BearHands all the time. I am a teacher for children with severe and multiple disabilities. I would love to share information with the parents or my students so they can give BearHands a try too. Thanks for such a great product. We will be ordering again soon.....you know, you can never have too many BearHands and you just have to have them to match every coat =).
Deb & Dave Pannell

Black paw I bought a few of the hat and scarf sets for my children. I have been stopped and complimented everywhere I go and asked where I found them. Some days at least 5 or 6 times.
If you want to send me any promotional flyers on your products and how to order I would be more then happy to keep them with me and distribute to let others enjoy the great products.

Black paw I just got the delivery of my bearhands this morning and I’d like to say thank you very much for the incredibly fast and efficient service, I would say that 5 days from email to international delivery(including a long weekend) was superb, as well as to tell you that the product itself looks better, bigger, and fluffier in real life than on the internet site. Once again thank you and hope to deal with you again Cheers,
R.L. Cumbria, England United Kingdom

Black paw I just wanted to let you know that I received my order the other day and all I can say is WOW! I love my brown fur’d BearHands, they are awesome and so cute. Everyone around the office thought they were terrific as well and inquired where I bought them, so hopefully you’ll get some more orders from here. Thanks again. As much as I hate winter, I’m waiting for the snow to fly again just so I can play outside with my BearHands. :) Cheers!
C.R. Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Black paw Hi I got the package and i have to say i LOVE love love my new mittens. I have a dog and I walk her at least twice a day, and in the winter that is really tough some days. So now I have these, I don’t have to pull off my gloves to pick up her, umm, business. More info that you’d want I am sure, but really, these are making me happy and I already can’t wait for next winter. I am actually glad it’s freezing today. Thanks again and yippee,
A.H. New York, N.Y. USA

Black paw Wonderful Mittens! Hi, I just wanted to let you know that my mittens have arrived. They are wonderful and have been admired by many people I work with.
Helen D, UK

Black paw Thank You!, thank you so very much for the warm, comfy gloves.They sure fit my arthritic hands beautifully and feel wonderful!
Linda B, West Warwick, RI

Black paw Love my bearhands! I found my BearHands at Good Things in White Bear Lake, MN. and fell in love with them. Then, while in New York City for Christmas, I found oodles of them being sold at a Holiday Market near the new Bryant Park Skating Rink! I love my mittens...they are warm, soft, cozy, comfortable and practical. I’m going to order a faux fur pair online, also.
Roxi K, White Bear Lake, MN

Black paw Bearhands are big! I just got my bearhands in the mail this week and absolutely LOVE them! I was wearing them this morning when it dropped into the teens and my hands were so nice and toasty inside of them. Considering I have horrible circulation, that’s a miracle! Plus I didn’t have to take them off to get my keys out! They’re fantastic, thanks!
Melissa O, Ypsilanti, MI

Black paw Thank You! I just received your BearHands order today, it’s SO perfect!! Goodbye dry hands!
Mayumi K., Edgewater, NJ

Black paw Thanks for your help with my order My three-year-old hates to be cold but never wanted to wear his mittens until I got him a pair of Bear Hands last winter. Now he LOVES LOVES LOVES them to death and never wants to leave the house until he has his Bear Hands on. He’s also very proud of them and likes to run around and show them off; now all the kids at the playground want them too! Thanks for your great product and my little guy’s toasty warm hands. We’re looking forward to the new pair.
Jessica S., Glen Ridge, NJ

Black paw Thank You Bearhands I received a pair of your ’bear hands’ mittens after a hand accident in which I lost the fight with a table saw(and my ring finger). My hand was swollen and I couldnt get a regular pair of mittens on it, your mittens slid right on and are they ever warm and toasty. They are quite the conversation piece.Thanks for a great product.
Arlene C., Almond, WI

Black paw Love your mittens Hello! Just wanted to let you know that my 16 month old loves your mittens. They are the ONLY mittens that he will keep on. He even holds his hand out to "help" put them on! And of course, they keep his fingers nice and toasty. Thank you for making these mittens, they are great!
Jennifer V , Alaska

Black paw I purchased 2 of your scarves last year. I love them soooo much, that I would like to get 2 more from you this year. I would like to order ASAP.
PS, Woodland Hills, CA

Black paw My mother-in-law JUST bought bear hands for my two sons and they love them!!! :-)

Black paw Florence wore the pink pig infant hat this morning and I had so many comments from mum’s of babies about where they could buy one. I gave them your website address. I’m sure they’ll be a big hit.
Amanda, CA

Black paw Your product is awesome and I am hopeful that someone will want to make these available to our customers during the holidays. Thank you for forwarding your product for this purpose
Janet Spoerer
Grand Central Mall

Black paw I just had to let you know that my 3-year old granddaughter absolutely loves the Purple Bearhands Glovers we bought her off your website. They also saved a lot of heartache at their house. You see we bought a smaller toddler pair of purple gloves for her younger sister and a pair of orange gloves for the 3-year old while we were visiting Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park this summer . . . And, of course, our 3-year old decided she had to have purple. We were relieved to find your site through Google and ordered a pair a few days ago. I’m happy to report the new, larger purple gloves arrived today and we received an excited phone call from our granddaughter. I’m sure the unused Orange pair will await her younger sister becoming old enough to wear them or some other good cause. Thanks for being there, for making a neat little product for not too much money and for your quick, efficient shipment arriving in Minneapolis in fine style.
Shirley Gilbert - Oregon, Wisconsin

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